Detour Ministries

Day of Detour

(Coming Fall of 2013)

A radical, day-long event that challenges twelve individual believers with fresh Biblical perspectives, building their faith so they ultimately discover God's calling.

Thank you for taking me yesterday, it was a day that I really enjoyed and needed. The speakers were great and getting to know a few of the guys a little bit was also a wonderful part of the day for me. I look forward to the quarterly follow up meetings... Again, thank you for allowing me to participate. I was in need of some real life perspective and that is exactly what God delivered to me. — Participant of Day of Detour

I know all the effort, funds, blood, sweat, sacrifices, it takes to do any kind of event, let alone one of the magnitude you pulled off. It is a lot to take on. I had an absolute blast and I know all of us did. It was first class all the way. I know this whole thing is being multiplied and blessed beyond imagination. You have planted the seeds and God will grow the rest. I look forward to sponsoring in the future and am honored and blessed to have been a part of the first event.— Kevin, Participant of Day of Detour

The Day of Detour is designed to refocus believers, stopping them for a moment in time to listen again to God's call.

The Day of Detour invites twelve selected individuals to participate in an all-day event.

The purpose is to get them "out of the boat" in their service to Christ. This experience is based on the Biblical account of the apostle Peter walking on water, in the hope that they may someday walk on water for Christ. It is a reminder to know how fulfilling God's plan and purpose is for our lives, and ultimately to get them to take risks that will advance the upside-down kingdom.